Incredible Growth....


The last three years have been amazing.  I am proud to be in the position of president and CEO of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network ( and to have established the Spiritual Care Association in April of 2016 (  These organization are growing rapidly and I find my talent and experience aligned with my spiritual values and beliefs.   

You may also be aware that I am associated with a regional company called the Alzheimer's Care Specialists in NY.   My time there has been incredibly exciting as I have the unique opportunity to be out of the office and into the trenches.  The families I have met, the professionals I have talked to, the time spent with the company's own staff is invigorating.   It is great to have a new view of things.  ( 

Church is very busy!  LOL   Visit the new site and glance at the new videos.  Powerful stuff.  (

The school Lincoln Academy is doing amazing work.  This year we have close to 150 students!  Jammed to the rafters thanks to a dedicated team of teachers, staff and volunteers.  I am proud to Chair the board of this organization.  (

The weekly blog, "The Unsilent Majority - Speaking What Everybody Else is Thinking" hosted on this web site is the realization to one of the promises I made to people to stay involved.  There are regular posts here at  I promised I would continue to represent their interests.  I promised I would remain an activist for the cause.

Let's keep in touch!  Be well.